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order of encoding confusion.....

Discussion in 'MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 encoding (AVI to DVD)' started by drfutzz, Dec 28, 2003.

  1. drfutzz

    drfutzz Guest

    Hi all,

    When backing up dvd's. What will give me a better quality svcd? Dvd to xvid or divx then encode to svcd with tmpgenc or is there a program that does a dvd to svcd conversion. I have lots of experience with encoding movies of the net, but never tried to back up my own dvd's before.

  2. Minion

    Minion Senior member

    Sep 28, 2003
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    OK..When Trying to Make VCD or SVCD from a DVD you do NOT encode it to DivX or XviD first this Just ruins the Quality..You can go directly from the Vob files to VCD or SVCD useing Tmpgenc but you need to do a Proscess Called "Frame serveing" and to do this you need a Program called "DVD2AVI" you Can download it here :http://arbor.ee.ntu.edu.tw/~jackei/dvd2avi/DVD2AVI_1.77.3.zip

    #1)So First rip your DVD to your Hard drive useing something like "SmartRipper" or "DVD Decryptor"..

    #2)Then download DVD2AVI and Extract the Files to a Folder and go into the Folder and Copy and Paste the "DVD2AVI.vfp" File from the DVD2AVI folder into the Tmpgenc Install Directory ....
    #3) Now Run DVD2AVI and go to "File" to "open" and navigate to the Folder were the DVD was Ripped to and Choose the First Vob file and the rest should Load automaticly, and you should Now be able to see the Movie in the Programs Window...
    #4) Now we have to do some Settings in DVD2AVI...
    A)If you are Working with a NTSC DVD then first go to "Video" to "Field Operation" and set it to "Forced Film" , If you are a doing a Pal DVD then you can skip this setting...
    B)Now under "Video" go to "YUV->RGB" and set it to "TV Scale"...
    C)Now go to "Audio" to "Track Number" and set it to "Track #1" now under audio go to "OutPut method" and set it to "Decode to Wav(AC3,LPCM)" now under "Audio" go to "Dolby Digital" and set it to "Dolby Surround DownMix"....
    D) and now go to "Help" and make sure that "Vfapi Pligin" is selected....
    #5) Now go to "File" to "Save Project" and give the Project File and Name and save it .....
    #6) in a Few Minutes you will Have a File with a ".d2v" extention and a "wav" audio file...
    #7) Now you can Run Tmpgenc and Load the ".d2v" file in as the Video Source and load the ".wav" file in as the audio Source and encode it to VCD or SVCD useing the settings you usually would....

    In a Little while you will have your Finnished Mpeg file for VCD or SVCD authoring...Remember you can not moove, Rename or Delete any of the vob or D2v files untill after encodeing or it will not work...And yes SVCD is Twice the Quality of VCD but it takes up More Disk space but you will Still have to put it on at least 2 CD-R"s ....Good Luck
  3. drfutzz

    drfutzz Guest

    thank you for the prompt reply. you guys are great!!
  4. dbecker

    dbecker Regular member

    Nov 4, 2002
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