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overclocking an amd 2400xp-m chip help

Discussion in 'PC hardware help' started by darkgunkx, Jan 17, 2005.

  1. darkgunkx

    darkgunkx Guest

    hi all ive come across a overclocking hitch that i hope you can help me with
    my current system is amd 2400xp mobile cooled by an akasa cooler carnival cooler 825 on a asus a7n8x-x mainboard ,512 ddr 400 memory.ati radeon 9600xt 128 gfx card onboard sound
    the problem is i got it to run at 3200xp speeds no prob but im hoping that some of you have managed to get more out of it as what ever i seem to try i always end up clearing cmos and resetting them back to 3200xp speeds
    hope you guys can help
  2. Divinus

    Divinus Guest

    Mine right now is sitting at 3700+ speeds. You're going to have to give the little chip a lot of vcore when you're getting to 2.4GHz and higher.

    What is the Vcore now and the actual clock speed? Also, what temps are you running and what wattage PSU do you have and what brand is it?

    90% of the people with this chip can get it at least to 2.4GHz but that's when it starts to sweat. I've seen a good many get to 2.5GHz stable and rarely, but I have seen it done, people getting them to 2.6GHz stable.

    My problem is my ram basically. Right around 200MHz it just loves to choke and die on me. I really don't want to run in a different ratio than 1:1 so I'll just deal with it for now. Also, my PSU can't seem to give it enough juice to get above 2.5GHz anyway. I've booted with 2.6GHz before but can never get into windows with it.
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  3. darkgunkx

    darkgunkx Guest

    my cpu at mo is between 30 and 40 idle and under load i have a 400watt power supply and the current clock is running at 2.2ghz
  4. Divinus

    Divinus Guest

    Yeah, 2.2GHz is easily reached with this processor. The only other question i have is, when did you buy it? It seems that after reading some reports some of the newer 2400+Ms or the last ones manufacturered don't overclock as well as the older ones. Although, you still should be able to get 2.3-2.4GHz out of it I'd wager, if not more.

    Make sure you're uping your vcore as well. Keep your ram and processor 1:1 and set your multiplier at around 12 Then start at a fsb of around 175 and go up slowly until you can't get into windows. After that start uping the vcore until you can get into windows and nothing crashes (stable). Run some sort of torture test to comfirm this (boink, prime 95, etc..). You should be able to reach around 2.4GHz easily. If I had a better PSU and lived in a colder environment (making excuses for my shitty cooling) then I'd be able to hit 2.6GHz. I saw a guy on another board that had actually gotten to 2.7GHz.
  5. darkgunkx

    darkgunkx Guest

    thanks for you help ill keep you posted if i get up to your settings also i take it you have 1 of the better 35w mobile chips i have the 45w and i have also read not as good as the older 1s mind you cant grumble atleast its running at 3200 speeds
    thanks again for the advise
  6. Divinus

    Divinus Guest

    Ah, yes... I bought mine almost a year ago. Got one of the 35 watt chips. That's the difference. You're starting just a bit higher so your end will be about 100MHz short which isn't that much.

    I'd still bet you could get to 2.5GHz. I can POST with 2.6GHz but my PSU sucks and my cooling isn't the greatest either.

    Some people got screwed buying the 2600+Ms that were 65watt (same as desktop version) and got really screwed as they don't overclock any better than the desktop 2600+

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