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Discussion in 'All other topics' started by ninjanick, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. ninjanick

    ninjanick Regular member

    Dec 20, 2006
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    I'm sure i will be called a noob about this but, whats overclocking?
  2. onya

    onya Guest

    Overclocking is basicaly, making your CPU or other components work much faster. Generally speaking overclocking will reduce the life of those components. As with any overworked item, there comes the issue of heat, the faster it runs the more heat that is generated. To combat this, there are numerous devices that, again generally speaking, will deal with the extra heat output. Please visit the AD "official overclocking thread" and post your questions there. When or if you do post, please give as much info about the gear you have in your machine. Your mother board name and number, cpu type and speed(intel 3.2 for eg.) the type and size of the memory stick(s) you have etc, are vital for those in the know. Lastly, there are different levels of OC'ing, there are are extreme levels, all the way down to mild OC'g. Sounds a little complicated, but with the right advice........ all will be revealed.

    Good luck.

    EDIT: My cpu is an Intel P4 3.2, and I would like to say I'd get it to perform perhaps as good as a 3.8 (or even a 4.0 ..... i must be dreaming lol) My restrictions are the quality and functions of my motherboard.
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