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Panasonic DS60

Discussion in 'Digital camcorders' started by Leipzig, Dec 17, 2003.

  1. Leipzig

    Leipzig Guest

    Hi to everyone! I have from a recent time Panasonic DS60. I would like to here any experience with this low end cam. Any suggestions. As weather outside in eastern Europe is quite wet, cold and dark, so I had no chance to see how it works when it is sunny. When I shooting in twighlight the picture is quite blur and pur quality. I have IEEE card with cable from Addison. The picture on TV looks better then on PC. Is it possible useing any of video editting software to get better image?
    So, this is my first experience.
    THX in advance!
  2. ReeL12

    ReeL12 Guest

    It is normal that native DV-file looks bit horrible in computer display. It is cosed by the interlace which is used in TV systems. If you decode your file to some other format (DivX, Xvid...) and deinterlace it, it should be OK.

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