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panasonic es40v issues ???

Discussion in 'DVD recorders' started by cryshud, May 25, 2007.

  1. cryshud

    cryshud Guest

    I've had the ES40V for some time, no problems till now.
    Last night I was watching a rented dvd, the display information was on the top of the screen and wouldn't go off- I figured it had froze so I attempted to turn off the unit and it was completely froze up. I've had this problem before and was fixed with unplugging the unit and waiting a few minutes and pluggin it back in. That didn't work this time.
    Now my unit has major issues-
    when you turn the unit off- NO clock- no lighting on the front of the unit where the clock is-just completely black
    when the unit is turned on and dvd is inserted it gives me a err message
    when you insert a vhs tape it will play, and there is sound- but the tv picture is the blue screen my tv gets when their is no signal. It's like the video part of the unit isn't plugged into the tv.
    I have unplugged every cord and waited - plugged everything back in and still no help
    any suggestions???
  2. cryshud

    cryshud Guest

    ooops forgot to mention i had left the unit unplugged overnight and when I plugged it back in this morning the clock blinked (like it does when the power has gone out and needs to be reset) - it blinked for about 30 seconds and then blackness again.
    Powered the unit on and still the same problems.
    and I have tried using the dvd cleaner disc to see if I at least get the unit to recongnize the discs, it went thru the cleaning process ( I could hear it, no picture as the tapes had done) and it still doesnt' recognize discs

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