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Panasonic LCD Image Cropped Then Expanded

Discussion in 'Televisions' started by Jepstone, Dec 28, 2007.

  1. Jepstone

    Jepstone Guest


    We got a new telly for Christmas. It’s a Panasonic TX32LXD70 with 1366 by 768 display.

    When we plug our media PC in the VGA port the image is cropped to about 1000 by 768 then expanded to fit the screen so the people all look really fat. If you select 4:3 on the screen the same thing happens but the cropped image now occupies the central part of the screen with vertical black bands either side. If you move the mouse around you can pan the image to view the bits that are missing off the sides.

    The graphics card is an on-board SiS 741 with SiS UnVGA3 drivers. This displays 1366 by 768 normally when connected to a CRT.

    Windows shows the telly as a “standard monitor” and in the SiS tools the LCD option is greyed out which is a little worrying.

    Before I carry the telly up to my daughter’s bedroom to see if it does the same thing on her PC, can anyone tell me if there’s anything obvious I should be doing first (other than a few upper-body stretches). I have checked to see if drivers are available for the screen but drawn a blank.

    In the meantime I suppose we can always fly round the image with the mouse.


  2. Jepstone

    Jepstone Guest

    I've now tested the telly with the daughters computer and it works normally. This was on geforce 6200 at 1360 by 768. There was a bit of picture missing from the left but no pan & scan malarky. So it looks like it depends on the altitude of the screen.

    Alternatively it could be the SiS drivers. Maybe they've decided the display is 4:3.

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