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Panasonic LF-D310

Discussion in 'DVD players' started by nbraybro, Aug 2, 2002.

  1. nbraybro

    nbraybro Member

    Jul 12, 2002
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    I see several sites offering firmware upgrades. Should I download the latest and do for ? Panasonic's site desn't even mention my drive, does anyone know of an official support site?
  2. Dan_38

    Dan_38 Guest

    I found a site that had Panasonic firmware upgrades but not for the LF-D310. I wouldn't risk a firmware upgrade as the site says it can permanently destroy your DVD-RAM drive. I found it by searching on LF-D310 because I have one of those too. But I'm not happy with it because I can't use it to back up my hard drive.
    I bought a program for backing up hard drives but it didn't recognize the DVD-RAM in DOS mode because I don't have DOS drivers for the LF-D310. So far I've used the DVD-R function of the LF-D310 to copy vhs tapes to DVD-R and I've used the DVD-RAM cartridge to store individual files but it would be much better if I could store a backup image of my hard drive on a DVD-RAM cartridge and use it whenever my hard drive goes dead like it did today. For some unknown reason my new 40 gig hard drive suddenly fails to boot so I had to switch back to using my older 20 gig hard drive. If I had a back up of my computer with all programs loaded the way I like, it would be nice to re-install everything in a few minutes using a dvd-ram back-up image. But the program I had only worked in DOS mode and didn't recognize the DVD-RAM. I'm thinking of trying the Norton Ghost backup program but I bet I'd get the same results as with the other backup program I already tried.
  3. neil_sue

    neil_sue Guest

    the panasonic lfd310 it seems is actually a lfd311 ( I bought an lfd311 , it says it is a lfd311 on the sticker but all software seems to say it is a lfd310 ). Is it panasonic stitching it's customers up with old models and selling it as new ones we shall have to wait and see !! So How about sending a E-mail to panasonic support and see what they have to say . If enough of us do it they might respond.

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