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Patch for AMD Ryzen Builders Using Windows 7 and 8 to resume updates

Discussion in 'Building a new PC' started by Sophocles, Sep 25, 2017.

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  1. Sophocles

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    Mar 1, 2003
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    As many of you know, Microsoft no longer supports new hardware such as Ryzen under Windows7 and 8. Should you attempt to update either Win 7 or Win 8, you will receive this message.

    "Your PC uses a processor that is designed for the latest version of Windows. Because the processor is not supported together with the Windows version you are currently using, your system will miss important security updates."

    What Microsoft isn't telling you is that they are blocking updates that would work just fine on your new Win 7 hardware builds such as Ryzen. Microsoft installs a file on your computer that blocks you from receiving security updates as a coercive tactic to get you to move to Windows 10. Windows 10 has failed to convince Windows 7 users for a number of reasons such as tracking, especially among enthusiasts. As of May, 2017 Windows 7 comprises 48.67% of all operating systems to include Apple and Linux users, while Windows 10, is installed on only 26%. In short Windows 7 is still by far the most popular operating system in the world, and yet it's a fact that Microsoft is ignoring.

    Fortunately someone using the handle zeffy took the time to track down all the update blocking files that Microsoft installed on your computer and made a working patch to allow your computer to resume installing updates. So no you won't miss those important security updates for now regardless of what Microsoft is telling you. Note, the patch comes in both 64 bit and 32 bit versions.

    One last thought! If you're considering installing Windows 7 on a new hardware build you will need a PS2 keyboard because USB installation support won't be there until you get Windows installed.

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