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pheonix guide to streaming games

Discussion in 'Nintendo Gamecube - General discussion' started by account, Jun 12, 2004.

  1. account

    account Guest

    this is probably in the full guide to gamecube backup but theres so many pages so some of you might not find it so i'll put it on here. this guide came with a download of pheonix

    How to Sream Gamecube Games
    A guide by poopdedoop
    Created: April 19, 2004

    Ok so you want to play GameCube games but you don't have $50 every time you want to play one. Well here i will tell you how to stream gamecube games right from your computer.

    first of you might be asking "what do you mean by Streaming?" Well this is quite simple. There are programs out there that will send gamecube images from your computer to your gamecube. Now the concept is simple but setting it up is a little more difficult.

    You MUST have the following to stream games. if you don't I would advise you to go look for them because once you start streaming games it all pays for its self.

    1. A GameCube (DUH!!)
    2. A BBA (BroadBand Adaptor)
    3. Phantasy Star Online ep. 1 & 2 for Gamecube
    4. an eithernet card in your computer and a spare eithernet cable and a router(not nessary but if you wanna browse the internet while streaming games)

    ok once you get all that stuff you can start setting everything up. I will go through all the steps on how to set everything up.

    first off you will want ot change your computer's IP address to to do this go to the windows control panel and into "Network and Dial-Up Connections". Once there choose your network card. Choose properties then once in there select TCP/IP and click on properties.
    Now you will be able to choose and have windows auto assign the IP address, DNS, and gateway for the NIC but you will need to choose "use the following ip address" and enter in for the Ip address and for the subnet. Don't worry about the gateway or DNS and just Click Ok.
    Now connect one end of the eithernet cble to your computer or router and the other end to the GameCube BBA (Broadband Adaptor)

    Now I am set up through a router and i didn't have to change any settings on my router to get all this to work but if when you are trying to stream and you just cant get a connection and you are connected through a router then try doing this.

    I used a Linksys router (befsx41). To get into the router configuration menu open up your internet browser browser into the address bar.
    You will be asked for a username and password. If you have never done this before the the login will be one of the following

    (no username)/admin
    admin/(no password)

    Once in there click on the advanced tab and then DMZ Host. Choose "enable" and after that choose "specify and Ip address behind DMZ host".
    Enter in and hit apply then reboot your computer.

    ok now we can go to the GameCube that has the BBA and PSO. load up PSO and go into "options". Next choose "Network Options" then "provider Options" then go to "yes" to get into the network config screen. When you are at the configuration screen select network setup and choose "manualy set an IP address". Press the next button and enter for the IP address, for the subnet mask, for the default gateway, and finally for primary DNS. After entering in the info press next and save your settings to memory card.

    if you have never played this game before then you will need to make a character. it doesn't matter what race or whatever it is......just make one.

    ok now we are ready to start streaming games to your GameCube. First off unless you want to be entering a serial number and password every time you want to stream a game then skip to the next part, but i doubt that you want to do that so follow these instructions.

    1. Load up PSO
    2. chose "online mode"
    3. enter any serial number and access code and password
    4. hit yes then when it asks you if you want to save the password to your memory card just wiat there.
    5. go to your computer and load up Phoenix loader 2.2 6. click on the Extras tab then click on "Save User Data with PSUL" then click "load"
    7. Go back to you GameCube and hit yes. The warp screen should start up (watch the little dos windo that shows up and look for a message that says "Saving user info on memory card..." and then "Done..." after that you will need to restart everything.

    now to stream games you will want to click on the Loaders tab. you don't have to screw with any of the settings so just click the "..." and select the game you want to load, then click "load" Now you can go through all the stuff that you did when we were going to save all the login info to the memory card. go through all that crap untill you get to the warp screen. you computer should pick up the connection and start sending the game. if it worked then you will get a screen that says "StarCube" and "pres Start" so press start (DUH!!!) it will say loading and then you will be playing games!

    NOTE* not all games will work by being streamed. go to this link to see a list of working games http://gc-compat.webhop.net/
  2. Maryela3

    Maryela3 Guest

    i have a Actiontec Dsl Gateway 56 mbs Wireless alright
    I configure it on this page
    When i did that thy told me to erase all what i haved on the Control Panel bla bla directions
    Subnet mask Ip Adrees and defalut gateway is there going to be a any problem with my Dsl connection if i add all this
    Maria =)

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