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philips dvd R75- option problems

Discussion in 'DVD recorders' started by dalmay, Jan 14, 2005.

  1. dalmay

    dalmay Member

    Jan 14, 2005
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    I have this dvd R75 model since yesterday.
    I did many things (record, copy, playback etc.(
    but there are several things, which doesn't work at all.
    1. "Erase disc" option is in shadow and I cant't erase a RW disc.
    2. "Lining up recordings within a title"
    (assemble cut) doesn't work
    3. "Divide title" doesn't work

    Please give me some ideas.
  2. Hotdog59

    Hotdog59 Guest


    "Erase disc" option is in shadow and I cant't erase a RW disc

    On my DVDR70 this only happens if the disc has been "Protected" so you cant erase accidently. There is an option to un-protect. All the other functions on these recorders are c**p. I gave up along time ago and just copy the recorded disc onto PC and use Studio, Tmgegdvd and others to edit and then burn to DVD R.

    Link to Philips Site my help but Philips support no very good.


  3. davelarge

    davelarge Guest

    Is it showing the RW as DVD when it loads it (look at the icon at the top left of the screen)that most 75s do because of well known problems going back a few years?

    If it thinks it is a DVD and not a RW it won't allow you to edit it at all.
    Usually turning it off and waiting a few minutes will cure the misreading problem.

    Editing is best done on the pc using TMPG or even Nero.


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