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Philips HDTV MACH3LINE FLATTV as a widescreen PC monitor

Discussion in 'Televisions' started by jwickersf, Feb 1, 2005.

  1. jwickersf

    jwickersf Member

    Feb 1, 2005
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    I have a 23PF9945 connected to a HDTV TiVo that works just fine. The reason I chose the Philips model is I could also use the standard PC video connection to connect the HDTV to my PC. The problem I have been unable to solve is getting the PC to take advantage of 16:9 (wide) screen instead of the 4:3 (narrow with black borders on sides) screen.

    I can put the TV into wide screen mode but that just stretches/distorts the image. Is there a driver (or any technology) out there that could send a "horizontally scrunched" image from the PC that would then be stretched back into proportion by the 4:3 --> 16:9 stretching algorithm of the TV???

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  2. raygod

    raygod Guest

    Hello. Sorry that I'm not able to help you with your problem. Perhaps you can help me with a problem that I am having.

    I currently have a philips widescreen (16:9) television, the model shown at the below address. (Philips 30PW9819/17).


    The above url shows the exact tv. Anyhow, it does support DVI input on AV3 channel if you know what I mean when I say AV3 (i hope so lol).

    So far, if I connect the tv using a DVI cable to my PC, I can only display 800x600 resolution and a few others below that resolution. The problem is that whenever I increase the resolution beyond 800x600 resolution, the picture becomes shaking real fast.

    The DVI cable that i'm using has a minus sign (-) at the end of the plug. I've read many articles about this, perhaps I need the other cable that use the plus sign (+) at the end of the DVI cable. Anyhow, I did notice that both my video card and TV do have a the plus sign + at the end of their plugs, so perhaps I am using the wrong cable. I think I will post here anyhow as you can see :).

    The screen looks like that of a CRT monitor when you increase the screen resolution higher than what the monitor supports. you know, when it looks shaky and is sometimes flipping real fast vertically. I dont want to break my nice new tv so I'm not going to try unless someone who really knows what they are talking about helps me. Now the manual does say it can do 1080i. I'm not sure if that means 1024x768 on my pc or not either.

    I've watched a movie on it so far and it doesn't give off 1080i as my xbox does though. I use the component and a game called 'enter the matrix' which supports 1080i and it can be clearly diferentiated from non-1080i picture. I see much improvement in resolution when i play this game over any other of my xbox games using component. I want to work my pc on my tv now, please help anyone.

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