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Philips SDVD6004 Drive problems

Discussion in 'DVD / Blu-ray drives' started by JAKJAK, Oct 28, 2003.


    JAKJAK Guest

    I purchased a inspiron 8500 with a philips SDVD6004 drive and i have tried burning DVD+R and DVD+RW and it burns fine in ever program i have used (Roxy, nero, DVDXCopy, and DVD workshop) but when i go to read them in the drive it just freezes what ever program i open it with even the explorer. Also when i put it into my philips DVD 704 DVD player it says disc error. Now i have tried just about eveything and im out of ideas it burns all cds and reads them fine and it reads all DVDs fine but it doesn't read any DVDs i burn. i am using Verbatim DVDs.
  2. vin_2004

    vin_2004 Guest

    I am having the exact same problem. did you get any solution???

    JAKJAK Guest

    Yeah I emailed dell and they gave me all different stuff to try and i just replyed to all of them nope still doesn't work because everything that they wanted me to try i already did and then they just said ok we are sending you a new one and i just had to send them the old one back to them in the box that the new one came in, all free of charge. They replaced it with a newer drive and i have had no problems since and it read and writes with all dvd+r i have tried so far and it works with all programs as well. So the problem lies within the drive the sent to everyone. Hopefully this helps you and hopefully the help you as well. Good luck

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