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Phillips 80 min 52x made by CMC

Discussion in 'CD-R(W) Media' started by bratcher, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. bratcher

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    Mar 24, 2004
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    Dad bought a 25 pack for 9.99 at Radio Shack. I wish he had bought the Ridata 50 pack as Ritek is 100% better than CMC. But then he doesn't burn that many CDR's anyway.

    I remember Christmas (a year ago) when he bought a 100 pack of Memorex (CMC made) & gave me 75 of them. Even though the discs were marked 48x they wouldn't burn well over 32x in my TDK VeloCD drive. So I burned data at 24x & audio (from mp3 & flac files) at 8x. Any faster (on the CMC discs) & they skipped in all CD players I tried. Can you see why I hate CMC?

    Anyway he shouldn't have much trouble with these Phillips CMC made CD's as his new computer won't burn CD's over 32x & his old Sony did fine at 24x.

    But for me? I'll take Ritek & TY anytime. They are great quality discs. Forget Gigastorage (at least for me) as they are only slightly better than CMC.

    Once dad gave me a 50 pack of 52x GQ's (made by Lead Data) from Frey's They worked good up to 48x in my drive but I burned them at 32x for data & 16x for audio with no probles however I wouldn't buy that brand myself as I have 2 really good manufactures to choose from.

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