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picture quality

Discussion in 'DivX / XviD' started by puzzled, Jan 9, 2005.

  1. puzzled

    puzzled Member

    Sep 10, 2004
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    Morning all, can someone tell me how to make a more or less perfect vcd, picture quality wise most movies i have are a little grainy, can you help me please.
  2. infringer

    infringer Member

    Jan 9, 2005
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    The problem with VCD's is that they are captured in a small 352X240 box and there picture once streatched out becomes pixelated there is an option in TMPEG which you can use to add a greyish tone to your video that seems to kill some of the grainy artifacts...

    But for the best solution I would think about upgrading your current ways of capturing video to divx or xvid.... Unfortunately I know these things cost a bit of cash right now but the plextor M402U is excellent and will capture in DVD SVCD VCD or DIVX/MPEG4 right now they go for roughly 150bux on plextors website but there well worth the cash because they do all the encoding thus releaving the encoding process from your processor...

    If all else fails most DVD players that support VCD will support SVCD as well and this is quite a big differnce in quality from VCD quality video...

    Smooth deinterlacer filter is rather helpfull in conqueroring this task as well...

  3. shiroh

    shiroh Guest

    for grain you need to filter it using denoising filters.
    the best filters can be found on avisynth scripting tool.
    for that head to the guide.
    avisynth for the scripting impaired :)

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