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pioneer 108 - major probs

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by paddyc, Nov 30, 2004.

  1. paddyc

    paddyc Guest


    Can you help me I just bought a Pioneer 108 +- dual layer burner... Its external and connected by USB2.

    I can dvd decrypt or shrink files on the HD, but I cant burn them onto blank dvds... I have installed all the drivers and still nothing, Good spec of a laptop and my last bruner worked fine.

    I get the msg..

    Writing to DVD video was not sucessful. DVD write error (writedvd 9). A dvd write error occeured, prob caused by a bad medium. PLease replace medium and try again .....

    I just using 4 speed datasafe dvd-r discs ....

    anyone got any ideas for this as I desperate to get it up and running, thanks folks

  2. billmex

    billmex Guest

    by looking at your eror, it says write dvd9, are you using dual layer dvds? if not you will probably need to change to dvd5 for it to work properly.
  3. paddyc

    paddyc Guest


    many thanks can u tell me how i do this? change to dvd5???

    many thanks paddy
  4. billmex

    billmex Guest

    in nero thee is a icon for changing from dvd9 to dvd5 or the other way around, look under tools.
  5. paddyc

    paddyc Guest

    I will give it a go tonight Bill

    if it works I let you know and if not i am sending it off tomorrow to get it replaced


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