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Pioneer Blu-ray player will revolutionise your wallet

Discussion in 'Blu-ray players' started by ireland, May 11, 2006.

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    By INQUIRER staff: Thursday 11 May 2006, 10:24
    Pioneer Blu-ray player will revolutionise your wallet

    A BLU-RAY DVD writer from Pioneer will set you back nearly £600 when it's available in a few weeks time.

    What do you get for your £579.95, then? You get a BDR-101A which can read and write most DVD recordable media formats and stuff with the letters BD in front of it.

    According to Overclockers UK it is "expected to revolutionize digital and high definition media storage".

    What's for sure is that it will revolutionise the shape of your wallet from thick to thin. Do you really want to be an early adaptor [sic]. Also, where is the Intel Viiv sticker? The world+dog knows you need one of those for it to work in your lebensraum. [Fule. Ed.] µ

    Pioneer BDR-101A 2x BD-R/RE Blu-Ray DVD Writer (CD-034-PO)
    The Pioneer BDR-101A Blu-ray Disc/DVD writer is expected to revolutionize digital and high-definition media storage. The BDR-101A allows professional users to test & author high-definition Blu-ray Disc content while also delivering the ability for high-capacity data storage. The drive can read BD-ROM discs, read/write single layer BD-R & BD-RE discs, read DVD-ROM, and read/write most DVD recordable media formats.

    - BD-R: 2x
    - BD-RE: 2x
    - BD-R Read: 2x
    - DVD+R: 8x, DVD-R: 8x
    - DVD+R DL: 2.4x, DVD-R DL: 2x
    - DVD+RW: 4x, DVD-RW: 4x
    - DVD-ROM Read: 8x
    - BD Buffer Size: 8MB
    - DVD Buffer Size: 2MB

    Arriving in approximately 4 weeks

    Price: £579.95 (£681.44 Including VAT at 17.5%)

  2. guyrus

    guyrus Guest

    the storage capacity is very enticing but i think i'll wait and see if they flop or not before i buy one

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