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Discussion in 'DVD / Blu-ray drives' started by zimmort, Mar 13, 2004.

  1. zimmort

    zimmort Guest

    My Pioneer dvd writter has just started to give power calibration errors. can somebody please tell me what the cause is and how to fix it ?
    I would like to try some diagnostics software to see if the drive is faulty ?
    I always use DVD-R printable masters.
  2. mickas

    mickas Guest

    Mate i had the same issue with my new 107 ,i went to the web site of pioneer and downloaded the latestest firmware which apparenty did nothing , went to another section FAQ's where it said about power calibration errors ,which is due to poor media quality...apparently.....there is a suggestion of what media to use... but what do we do with the DVD coasters??????????
  3. zimmort

    zimmort Guest

    I have sorted the problem out now, I bought a dvd/cd lens cleaner, cleaned the lens a couple of times and the drive is as good as new. must have been a build up of dust, maybe its because I smoke and the pc is in a smokey environment.

    Also I kept all the dvd-r's that "Failed" and guess what, they have all worked fine since I cleaned the lens.

    I have written 20 DVD's since and left the pc on for 24 hours, still working fine.

    Goes to show, sometimes the simplest solutions are the best.
  4. mickas

    mickas Guest

    Not sure if that will work for me as the burner is one day old! Any way was speaking to pioneer and they told me this info below on what discs they have used and tested...If you got to their website it has another list of name brands they recommend...
    This is a list of no name brand media I have personally tested so far with my own DVR107D, *Note these tests are on going and in NO WAY do I recommend any of the brands listed below...to date I have only had 1 failure..for reliability I suggest you stick with the brand name disc's .e.g JVC, TDK, Verbatim...


    Databank GSC002 DVD-R 4x OK
    Databank RICOHJPNR01 DVD+R 4x OK
    Databank RICOHJPNW11 DVD+RW 4x OK
    Databank RITEKG04 DVD-R 4x OK
    Enzo FORNEX101 DVD-R 4x OK
    Maxmax GSC001 DVD-R 4x OK
    Melody AN35 DVD-R 4x OK
    Octoplus Unknown DVD-R 4x OK
    Piodata LEADDATA01 DVD-R 4x OK
    Princo PRINCO DVD-R 4x OK
    Record GSC002 DVD-R 4x OK
    Ridata RITEKG04 DVD-R 4x OK
    Ridata RITEK R03 DVD+R 8x OK
    Shintaro PRINCO DVD-R 4x OK
    Smartdisc LONGTEN001 DVD-R 4x OK
    V8 MUST001 DVD-R 4x OK

    I know he said they used a 107 but not sure if i believe as i have had 8 PRINCO's fail, but it seems luck of the draw......
  5. bearinc

    bearinc Member

    Apr 11, 2004
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    The dvd lens cleaner sorted the problem after a single clean and happily burnt a full DVD, thanks for the advice.

    I bought the drive as a OEM and as such the drive was not it's own personal box so the dust theory makes sense, its now as good as new.

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