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Pioneer DVR-109 & DVR-108 Problems

Discussion in 'DVD / Blu-ray drives' started by Dean99, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. Dean99

    Dean99 Guest

    I'am haveing a problem with these Burners to burn Phillips DVD-R>1X16 (Made by>Mitsubishi Chemical Corp) and NexXtech DVD-R> 8X(Made by> CMC Magnetics Corp. They will not burn these disk's at all. If they would at least burn some of them, I would not mind. I bought a bunch of them, thinking that the Pioneer DVD+RW drives would write to them. I then have tried>Fujifilm DVD-R's and they will work alright. I have tried various software and get the same results. I have updated the Firmware on them, before I tried writeing with them on these disks. Would anyone know what the problem might be or what DVD Writer would write on these disks? All or any advise will be greatly appreciated. A-Big-Thanks in advance.

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    why would you wanna use any disc with cmc backing it. but anyway your 109 should be 1.58 firmware that is just double check its the stupid mistakes that get ya

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