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Discussion in 'Xbox - Backup discussion' started by fiveforty, Aug 21, 2004.

  1. fiveforty

    fiveforty Guest

    I have been trying to backup some Xbox games. I have converted them from the xbox to an ISO and copied to my PC. When I burn with Pioneer A04 with Nero or Alcohol etc the disc fails to boot on the xbox. I've tried loads of media. Yellow datawrite, red, Ritek, etc etc you name it. None of them work

    BUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If I move the writer to my G4 Macintosh, extract the iso and burn in TOAST using UDF format, the same media works fine on the xbox. Why does the Mac write them correctly but the PC doesn't.

    Anyhow, now I've left the Pioneer in the Mac and bought a NEC2510 for the PC.

    SAME FLIPPIN PROBLEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The PC will not write a DVD that the xbox will read!
    I've read loads of posts, and I'm confident I'm using NERO correctly. Open ISO, check settings, close session etc. I've even extracted the ISO and burnt in UDF mode. Still no use. Toast on the Mac does it everytime no problem. All I've got on the PC is coasters.

    If it helps, On the Xbox, if I go into evox and use the file browser to examine the backup all the files are there, the xbox see's its a 'Game' but won't boot it.

    HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Scotsmen

    Scotsmen Guest


    From reading your post you dont use the magic word when buring xbox games "burn image" so if this is so read what WORKS for me below.

    How to make a Back-up of an Xbox game disc you own to a DVD-R.

    Firstly you need to be able Network/Ftp to your Xbox from your PC. There are many tutorials out there that cover this so I am not going over that. I assume your Xbox IS already modded. ( I will use Evo-x dash as my example here)

    Ok boot your Xbox to Evo-X place your chosen Xbox game disc into your Xboxes DVD drive then go to your PC and ftp into the Xbox and navigate to D:\ and transfer the “root” folder of D:\ (D:\ is your DVD drive) to an easy to find place on your PC.

    Once the file has transferred to your PC you need to make the “root” folder into an iso I use “qwix” it’s nice and easy to make an iso with it, you can patch any xbe’s at the same time. Ok once you have your iso made you open up in my case NERO and CLOSE the “new compilation” box (make sure you have chosen your DVD burner in the drop down box that shows what recorder you use) and choose “recorder” then choose “burn image” and navigate to the iso of the game you transferred over.

    Click on it and you will get a “burn compilation” box in here under the “Burn” tab choose the following tick the “write” box and the “finalize” box and under “write speed” choose burn at x4 as the disc is burned to a DVD the “write method” wont be used but if you use a CDR on smaller titles in this section select “disc at once” then for both media types click “Burn” and you should be done.

    Please note there may be other ways that others use, this is what I use and what WORKS for me EVERYTIME if others find a better way please post and let us all know about it.



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