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Playback Problems using NERO Express Software

Discussion in 'Video playback problems' started by jst2smoov, Jun 21, 2004.

  1. jst2smoov

    jst2smoov Guest

    I am new to this DVD on computer stuff. I jst brought a DVD R/Burner and installed it in place of my CD/R Burner. I cannot get original DVD's to play. I keep getting msg to change screen resolution or screen color. Is there something else I need to kknow to make this work. CD's play fine and when I put a DVD in I can get the interactive stuff that comes with the DVD but the main movie won't play. Also have a seperate DVD player and want to know how to install this becuz I only have one master cable to run one player?? Any suggestions will be helpful. Thanks.
  2. soban

    soban Member

    Dec 7, 2002
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    hi dude

    first thing u need to do is set the jumpers as one drive master and one slave. Keep the dvd player drive as master so u can use it to play audio cds. u dont wanna use the dvd writers too much. ( i just do it reduce the number of times i have to run the drive lense cleaner :). next thing is to attach the cables to the drives and then just boot your computer and install whatever burning program. and u are good to go. most of the drives are detected automatically so dont be worried about installing their special drivers but its good if u do so.

    holly shit i just read your message again and realize you are in deep shit :) well here is your problem solution #1 get a dvd player software use powerdvd or something like that.get it from the internet (u know bittorent) or use VLC player just to see its not some codec problem. secondly set your resolution to 32bit color and 1024 by 768 and last thing is to upgrade to directx 9 and your video card drivers. these things should get your stuff working.

    as far as only having one master sounds strange. well in any case you gonna need a new cable to put everything inside. keep your power supply output in your mind too.you dont wanna overload it. but i really cant tell you anything exactly unless i know what you got in your computer.

    well i hope it helped a little bit:) i will wait for your config

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