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Playback trouble

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by r0cket, Nov 8, 2004.

  1. r0cket

    r0cket Guest

    I downloaded a movie from bit torrent that is a only available as a region 2 movie. The file is AVI and I used DIVX to DVD to make it into DVD files to burn. I then used DVD Shrink to burn it and when I play it back in my DVD Player, the audio is fine but the picture is black and white and it jumps.

    Has this ever happened to anyone and what is the best way to get this movie to work properly?
  2. vertigo17

    vertigo17 Member

    Feb 23, 2004
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    the reason for this is because the movie is encoded as PAL (region 2) made for european players and tv's. that's why it's b&w and whatnot. you need a region-free stand-alone dvd player to play back all region movies, but, on the pc, you can use a program called dvd region-free that will allow your software dvd player to recognize the region 2 movie and play it back like it was meant to be. you can get that program at dvdidle.com. or, you can find it somewhere on the net. dvdidle pro comes with dvd-region free. i paid for my copy and it's totally worth the money. dvdidle pro will cut down on the wear and tear of you dvd-rom drive and make you drive play all region movies without hacking into the firmware. dvd drives' regions can only be changed up to 5 times before the drive gets locked on the last region movie played. let's say you have a region 1 dvd player and used up all your changes and the last movie play was a region 2. then the drive will be locked forever at region 2. using a prgram such as dvd region-free or dvdidle pro will enable you to watch your movies without changing the regions. i locked my dvd-rom drive to region 3. then i bought dvd region-free from dvdidle.com and i can watch all regions again, eventhough it was locked on only region 3. try that out. hope this helps.

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