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playing audio video from the beeb etc

Discussion in 'All other topics' started by nigeljkuk, Oct 29, 2004.

  1. nigeljkuk

    nigeljkuk Guest

    Hi , I have a few questions and Id welcome any ideas about the best way of playing audio /vid content off the beebs bbc i site, I have windows 9.0 on my xp pc , being reluctant to install 10 owing to concerns of possible probs with my dvd decrpting software,and previous disasters with conflicts between windows media player and real player, I took the plunge and tried real alternative and classic , worked great till i discovered spyware so promptly discarder both, I enjoyed the experience thought of listening to some of the bbes sound archives and was really impressed by webcasts ie dr who, I want to find a player that wont take over my pc, conflict with my default player or install adaware any ideas
  2. ddp

    ddp Moderator Staff Member

    Oct 15, 2004
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    run adaware 6, spybot or what ever & run those programs you had running before with no problem except for the spyware. you should run antispyware anyhow as you can get them from any site you visit or program you download off net. i had a customer's computer that had over 700 spywares on it
  3. nigeljkuk

    nigeljkuk Guest

    thanks I ran spysweeper and got rid , then removed real alternative as well, I usually do check before I install but we all are guilty sometimes of lapses, anyway I still need to find an alternative as when I removed the spyware the program didnt work correctly , Im sure there is some program somewhere or other that will do the job but finding it? I did have adaware on my pc but removed that in favour of webroot, which i currently hve 2.6 , as weelll version 3.0 crashed my pc , i have so far learnt that more programs doesnt necessarily mean a happy pc so I have tried to keep things to minnimals , hence I still need advice as to compatible players that will cope with the beebs video and audio , and not conflict with window media player 9.0 maybe someone on here might have the answer, but thanks for your input its appreciated

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