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please enter correct CD ERROR

Discussion in 'CD-R' started by kingwes, Feb 25, 2003.

  1. kingwes

    kingwes Member

    Feb 25, 2003
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    hi guys

    hoping if you all could help

    Firstly, i used Alcohol 120% to created ISO from delta Force Land Warrior, i selected SafeDisc as there was 0000001.TMP in the cd.

    Created the ISO(with lots of read errors but i ignored it) then burned it on the blank disc. it worked 100% perfectly :)

    Althought i have a problem, i wanted to created ISO from C&C Red Alert 2, there were 0000001.TMP and 0000002.TMP so i selected SafeDisc 2, created the ISO (still got same lots of errors but ignored). burned ISO on the blank CD.

    it started on autostart but few seconds after it says "please enter correct CD"

    Am i doing anythings wrong? i created ISO from original CD in CD-RW. Strange thing was Land Warrior worked perfectly, is it cos of different types between safedisc and safedisc 2?

    any ideas will be very useful?

    Many thanks :)

  2. aldaco12

    aldaco12 Active member

    Nov 6, 2002
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    C&C Red Alert is Safedisc v2 you're right. Alas, SD2 is more difficult to backup than SD1.
    This means that if your burner is capable to backup v2 then you'll be able to backup v1 but not vice versa. I therefore assume that even if you selected 'Safedisc v2' on Alcohol's Datatype burning options, it was not enough.

    According to Daemon Tools webste:
    " There are meanwhile many different programs being able to do perfect copies - but they have all one thing in common, they need a recorder not automatically correcting unreadable sectors when burning the CD. Check the RECORDER LIST for more details. Here's a list of some burning progs being capable of doing such a perfect copy: (note by aldaco12: Alcohol was not known at the time this guide was released)


    If your recorder is not capable of doing a perfect copy use DAEMON Tools. Do a 1:1 copy with Disc Juggler or one of the other mentioned burning progs and enable Safedisc emulation in DAEMON Tools when playing.
    Another option to get Safedisc protected games to run is to create a CD image, mount that image with DAEMON Tools' STEALTH DVDROM and install and play from there. Note that the Safedisc emulation is NOT needed in this case.

    To create a working copy of a Safedisc® 2 protected game use the DAEMON Tools fastdump feature to create an image. Then burn this image normally and run it with enabled Safedisc emulation"

    You may try to 'mount' the image on Alcohol and run the setup using Safedisc v2 emulation enabled.

    If it does not work, try going again to http://www.d-tools.de/protection.htm and read their hints. I would suggest you to try their 'fastdump' + Daemons Tool Safedisc v2 emulation trick .
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2003

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