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Please give example of "Chinese cheapo stand alone"

Discussion in 'Video playback problems' started by rdperk, Apr 2, 2005.

  1. rdperk

    rdperk Member

    Jan 13, 2005
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    I've been poring over forums for a couple days now so I didn't have to ask a question that would be welcomed with "Read the forums first".

    I've tried!!!!

    I have the same problem with my burned DVD+R's on many players...Works fine for 25-45 minutes, then starts freezing. If I shut it off and come back the next day, the same part that was freezing plays fine...for 25-45 minutes. I have a Panasonic stand alone that plays them fine, but my others don't. Media doesn't seem to matter - FujiFilm, Memorex and TDK all have same issue.

    One thing I have read in the forums is a reccomendation to get a "Chinese cheapo stand alone"...
    Can anyone give me an example brand / model number that qualifies as such?

    Many thanks,

  2. colw

    colw Active member

    Apr 25, 2004
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    I have two el cheapo's - both play back anything thrown at them.

    One is an Onmi - DV3300FB

    The other is Centrex CTD3010

    Both purchased in Australia
  3. slew0408

    slew0408 Guest

    you can try symphonic and norcent brands both purchased at Walmart..cheap, but very reliable, and plays everything

    Good Luck

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