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please help me ASAP!!

Discussion in 'Xbox - Software discussion' started by Pat_b_30, Oct 20, 2004.

  1. Pat_b_30

    Pat_b_30 Guest

    ok im a real newb at the whole mod chip thing and everything. do heres the deal. I took my virgin xbox and installed the xenium ice solderless modchip and changed my hard drive for a western digital 120 gig one. This is all i've done. please tell me what i need to install on my xbox and all of that and if i hafto install programes please tell me where i can find them. (ps. i intend to use my xbox to save games on my hard drive)
  2. Pat_b_30

    Pat_b_30 Guest

    sorry but i had another question. if i turn off my chip can i still access the hardrive to play my games that i saved to my hd on xbox live?


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