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Please help me fix my original xbox.....

Discussion in 'Xbox - General discussion' started by Cody J. Egan, Dec 31, 2015.

  1. Cody J. Egan

    Cody J. Egan Newbie

    Dec 31, 2015
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    So a friend gave me this modded xbox that the evox 39 plus dash on it. It was loaded with games and even had trainers. I am a tech with computers and phones, so im a noob when it comes to game systems that have been modded. I found out how to FTP to the xbox, and installed a bunch of games and deleted games i didnt want. Well, this system was modded with multiple drives listed on FTP. There was the F drive that had most of the games and a few other applications on it, also there was the E drive that had the dashboard settings and another folder for trainers. Well, the F drive had trainers adn so did the E drive. I had found a post explaining on how to FTP trainers into the xbox and I did that perfectly on the F drive. I played all the way through X-men Legends the first game with the new trainers I had installed. I also had X-men 2 Rise of Apocalypse and I didnt find any trainers for that game so I looked online for more trainers. I found one with 3800 trainers, I downloaded them and FTP'ed them to my F Drive. I rebooted my xbox and the trainers didn't update and im like What the ? So I reboot back and go into my C Drive and find the folders with the trainers on them and I had seen they were the ones displayed on the xbox trainers screen. So I deleted those and FTP'd those into my xbox and rebooted. When I did, it was stuck in a infinite boot loop. So I had no idea what to do. I looked online, found someone had the same problem I did and downloaded AID restore disk. Once I did, I booted from it and deleted the trainers off of C using the AID file manager, and rebooted. Same boot loop issue. Well someone suggested online that this person reinstall the softmod, and I saw an option for reinstalling softmod. It gave me options for C C and G drives, and C G and F drives for larger disks. So I did that. Well, I rebooted to xbox dashboard again, so some Matrix looking stuff appear on my screen and rebooted to disk again. It gave me an option to install different stuff and I dont remember all I did after that. Now my xbox is stuck on error code 14 and alternates between 13 and 14. I have no idea what to do now. Please help me out.....
  2. scorpNZ

    scorpNZ Active member

    Mar 23, 2005
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    C drive is only for bootable dash like unleash
    E for small footprint apps only
    F for anything inc xbmc
    G for anything ditto

    Your going to need this link as you'll get help there better than i can give,just be sure to search before asking

    Error codes are telling you there is no dash in C (or put another way computer can't boot because windows is either not installed or is missing files)

    If you have a softmod you'll most probably need the eeprom.If its a hardmod (modchip),just use AID & reinstall unleash.You'll need to find out which mod you have before proceeding.The modchip is directly below the dvd drive (any xbox dvd drive will work they are not console specific).You can see the chip by removing xbox top cover & shine a torch down the outer side of the dvd drive & the xbox metal shield.The modchip is located directly beside the 3rd locator lug back from the front ( & inwards about 10mm) (mine has a white label on the mobo the chip is directly behind it)Modchips are around 40mm long & 30mm wide & 3mm thick

    the chip will look like a rectangular board floating above the mobo

    G is only required on drives say larger than 200gb
    SATA drives work fine with an adapter incl 2.5" drives

    If you have any files left on C ftp them to the pc

    You maybe able to backup the eeprom with AID & ftp it to pc

    this may help if you need to softmod.My advice modchip it however each to their own,i use chips for reliability
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  3. ps355528

    ps355528 Regular member

    Aug 17, 2010
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    it's really quite a simple problem.. and it's down to the number of files the file system can handle.. that 3800 trainers block overloads the partition file table.. and causes an overflow condition.. seen it many times..

    now to get out of the mess? .. seems you have a boot/installer disk.. install a dash on C following the original modding procedure.. the "shadow C" stuff was for back in the day when people were still using these machines to play online.. no need now.. stability rather than obscurity eh? just cold boot from the disk.. also run an eeprom backup using that disk (btw.. the current UBCD 6.3 has a working hdd unlocker proggy which works.. takes ages and you need an ancient pc.. but it does work ;) .. DO NOT use that on a softmod drive UNLESS you have the eeprom files available somewhere else !!!!!)

    If you continue to get stuck after that give us another shout :D

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