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please help with the sound

Discussion in 'DVD2One forum' started by mag050928, Mar 6, 2003.

  1. mag050928

    mag050928 Guest

    i use dvd decrypter and dvd2one then nero or prassi the problems is the pictures brill and the music through the videos great its just you cant hear the talking in the movie please tell me where i am going wrong if i use the same software and my dvd is one layer then its fine but the dvd two layers i get the problem any ideas thanksyou
  2. Abs

    Abs Guest

    I had the same problem. On a few of the DVDs i ripped. I use smart ripper - select the stream processing option and select the Audio channel. Make sure u know what this is. Ensure that <enable stream process> is ticked and on the right hand side of the screen you get options. Ensure that <Direct Stream Copy> is clicked and tick the <map to> button. Ensure that the map to option has the correct sound stream selected. I always <save selection> as this option is also available.Then rip the movie onto ur hard drive. You will find that there is sound on ur full film.
    If you want to find out the correct sound channel use IFOedit.

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