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Please Please help--and i have a guide here too(divx to dvd)!!!!!

Discussion in 'DivX / XviD' started by miklodeon, Apr 2, 2005.

  1. miklodeon

    miklodeon Guest

    well first of all ill talk about my problem...when i burn audio and video ts to dvd-r the subtitles don´t appear fully(theyre cutted if too long). this is what ive done:

    convert divx audio to ac3 with ffmeggui
    convert video to mpv with mainconcept encoder
    with subtitle workshop convert subtitles to stl extension

    create audio and video_ts with dvdmaestro
    burn it with dvdsanta

    id like you to tell me what can i do to subtitles appear correctly and if not asking too much how do i convert ntsc to palwith no stops and easily.

    ps: ive tried too with nero and fddshow to put sub correctly but it is the same.
  2. miklodeon

    miklodeon Guest

    please anyone help meee!!! ill solve any questions you made...(porrtuguese man :))
  3. shiroh

    shiroh Guest

    what you're experiencing is tv overscan.

    what you need to do is to add borders around it.
    here's an example.

    resize the video to 672x448
    than add borders around it to make it 720x480.

    i do this with scripting tool, avisynth.

    you can add just on the bottom only if you want, calculate this yourself. maybe cropping the top of the film a bit and adding the borders bottom.

    got a new dvd player, a cheap unknown barnd. pretty good. it seems the player resized to avoid overscan.
    or if your player can zoom out, try that

    oh for ntsc -> pal you need to speed up the video.

    i presume the original video is 24fps ?
    so you need to speed it up to 25fps. make sure you do this to the audio too.

    i only know how to do it in avisynth.
    using assumefps(25)

    do a site search here or doom9.org
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 2, 2005
  4. miklodeon

    miklodeon Guest

    thank you very mucjh!!!!
    it is ntsc so 23,796 and i have to speed to pal ok.
    my video is 608x456 and when i convert it with m2v it becomes 640x480. so it isn´t subtitles fault it is video size fault right?but the video isnt cutted only subtitles so when adding the borders the rest of them will show?(i thought when subtitles were too big they would split.oops one more question adding borders will make me see the movie like what? i will try instead making soo many questions. thanks shiroh

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