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Plextor PX-712A or Pioneer DVR-108 - HELP

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by abadonna, Aug 8, 2004.

  1. abadonna

    abadonna Guest

    This is my first post for this forum so I would like to say hello to all of you.

    I have grown up to buy my first DVD Writer, but I am really confused... I have always purchased Plextor drives and that's why I started to think about PX-712A, but unfortunatelly I have read a lot of bad things about... No dual layers, crappy, etc...
    So, maybe Pioneer DVR-108 would be a good solution?

    Help me to choose right. Do I need dual-layer at all? Maybe Plextor will release a new firmware to fix this inconvenience?

  2. brobear

    brobear Guest

    First of all, researching a drive is a personal choice. If everyone got involved here, you would hear a number of choices.

    With dual layer available, I would get a drive with it. You don't have to use it because it's there. If and when the cost of media comes down to a realistic level, it will be a good option to have. PC World lists test specs and data on 10 drives monthly. Sort of the market favorites. Looking those over will give you some idea of current trends. Many of those will be the favorites you hear about on the forums.

    In the end choose what you need and your wallet can afford. Then this is a personal observation to.

    PC World is on the net, you don't have to buy the mag.

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