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Discussion in 'DVD2One forum' started by SpeciesX, Feb 27, 2003.

  1. SpeciesX

    SpeciesX Guest

    Hiya All

    Ok Like most of the noobs I was wondering if u guys can get BAND OF BROTHERS or any Double Episode Serials Like OZ or Sopranos by splitting the dvd into 2 episodes and placing them 2 blank DVDS then putting each episode onto the time starts now gents if u think u r man or mouse and can do this task the successfully by writing your pc spec and software usage down on how u did it if u can successfully do this and it works the first person 2 have it working i will Send u 20 blank dvd-r.

    PM me
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  2. dirtynbl

    dirtynbl Guest

    could you explain that a little better? are you saying you want each episode on a different disc or do you want each disc in the set compressed with dvd2one so that you have a 1:1 copy? either way your problem is quite easy to solve. nobody takes payment either.

    re-explain what you want a little more clearly and i'll help you through it.
  3. Oner

    Oner Moderator Staff Member

    Dec 8, 2002
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    Multiple Episodic Backup to ONE DVD-R


    For what I think you want follow this

    To take 2 movies off and put them to 2 seperate discs just use DVD Decrypter to extract all of the info to your HD then open up DVD2One and do seperate encodings of the episodes into seperate folders, then burn them to media. If you want a walkthrough with pictures it can be done easily.

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