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Printer- Fatal Network Error

Discussion in 'PC hardware help' started by drnate, Nov 8, 2004.

  1. drnate

    drnate Guest

    Whenever I start Windows, I am greeted with a box announcing a "Fatal Network Error." as the system loads my printer information. I use an NEC 660 plus laser printer. The program "wsnet.exe" seems to be the culprit, but I can't print without it. I am not on a network. Thanks for any advice!
  2. ianski7

    ianski7 Guest


    If you are not on a network you should have a local printer. Delete the NEC and reboot computer. Upon reboot windows should start the Found New Hardware Wizard. Follow the steps and you should be fine. You may have to install the drivers for the NEC but wait till windows loads drivers to see if it works.
  3. ddp

    ddp Moderator Staff Member

    Oct 15, 2004
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    download updated printer driver, uninstall existing driver, scan disk, defrag the hd than install updated driver
  4. Praetor

    Praetor Moderator Staff Member

    Jun 4, 2003
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    Is it possible that the driver for the printer port is messed? (and are u using an LPT printer or USB one?)

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