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printing on core-printable cds

Discussion in 'All other topics' started by rsayre, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. rsayre

    rsayre Member

    Apr 7, 2007
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    I am trying to figure out how to print on core-printable cds with my r220. I am using Print CD 1.4.0A and as far as I can determine, it will only let me print up to about a half inch from the center hole( where most standard cds printable surfaces stop) Core printable cds print surface goes almost all the way to the hole and I would like to print that far, is it possible?

    thank you

  2. saugmon

    saugmon Senior member

    Oct 9, 2004
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    These are Full hub printables-almost entire disc has the printable surface,except for the inner hub.

    Full hubs look great. The regular hubs have less printable surface,so not so great of a cover.

    Open up epson print cd/click on the yellow disc icon on the lower left corner of screen. Tick custom/set inner to 20 mms/set outer to 119 mms and that should get you close. Some brand name media may be slightly different than other brands.

    To be exact,take a milli stick and measure your printable discs. Measure the widest area of the printable surface,from outer edge to the opposite outer edge-should be around 118-120 mms. Measure the inner hole-where the printable surface starts. Should be around 20-22 mms. Whatever you measure,should be your setting. This will come in handy for whenever you may get a hold of those smaller inkjet printable mini discs.

    Reg hubs-less printable surface: Inner will be around 40-42 mms,but outer should remain the same of around 118-120.

    If your cover is skewed,click the green disc icon and move it 0.1 at a time. If cover is too high,lower it. If cover is more to the 1 side,move it to the opposite.

    Another tip: When downloading covers from off the web,sometimes they'll be smaller than the template of epson print cd. Download covers to a folder named dvd covers or something like that. Then open up epson print cd/Import/Picture/fish out that cover. If it don't fit,just click on the square blocks and drag the cover to make it larger-so it fits exactly on or slightly over the edge of the template.

    If you open up epson print cd/import/select background/fish out those covers-you won't be able to drag those smaller pics to fit that template. This may save you a few ruined discs, LOL.

    If you need ink, Meritline.com has generic ridisc ink. You can get 8 sets for around $75 after shipping. Less than a $1.50 apiece!!!! Supermediastore.com also sell generic ink- G&G which look near identical to the Epson Ink. With the generic ink,I save a ton of $$$ on my ink-which off sets the price of inkjet printable media.

    Need some cover sites for music/games and dvd movie covers:



    If you run into any shiny inkjet printable media,they look awesome.

    Anything else,just come on back!!!
  3. club42

    club42 Regular member

    Sep 11, 2005
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    Go to to find the inner and outer diameters for some popular media.

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