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Pro loader and bin 100 for coolsat 6000

Discussion in 'Digital TV - UK & Europe' started by steel70, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. steel70

    steel70 Guest

    I am looking for down loads for Pro loader for Coolsat 6000 as well as the bin file for 1.00 as well as 1.47
  2. wildsat

    wildsat Member

    Sep 9, 2007
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  3. bill038

    bill038 Guest

  4. martymail

    martymail Guest

    I'm really new and completly in the dark (it's all Greek to me!). Have Coolsat 6000. What is bin loader? How do I get it? What do I do with it? How do I get correct codes? Any help at all will be greatly appreciated.
  5. breck68

    breck68 Guest

    You can get it from the download links on the toolbar I created: http://FTAHELP.OurToolbar.com
    Look under LINKS>BIN FILES>COOLSAT>6000 and you will find links to 100 bin and latest bin and loader.

    All downloads are compressed files (.zip or .rar) You will need winzip or winrar to extract the files. There are also links on the toolbar to take you to direct downloads for that.

    Extract all your file to the desktop so they are easy to find.

    When you extract a bin, for the 6000, it will end in .stb - that's what you want, and you don't want to open it. If you try it will ask you what program to use to open it and you don't have anything.

    Once you extract the loader, open it. You will see a Browse button. click it and the menu will open. ou want to select either 100 or the latest bin.

    Always when updating your bin to the latest bin, load the 100 factory bin first, then the latest bin. Don't ask why. LOL
    That's just what everyone says to do. Apparently you can have problems a times with not getting channels or always getting scrambled channel or new bin won't completely load over the previous version. Many reasons.

    Connect your receiver to the pc via the 9-pin cable that should have came with your receiver. Turn the power button OFF before hooking it up and disconnecting. Once connected, turn the rear power on, click auto-detect. This should tell you what version is installed. If it does, then this tells you that your pc and your receiver are communicating.

    Now you want to click Start and Ok to load the bin.
    Wait till it shows Finished. When done click finished.
    Now click auto-detect again and it will show the version of the new bin that was loaded.

    Turn power off disconnect and hook it up to your tv.
    Go to your menu on the tv. Do a database reset.
    Then select your satellite and scan for channels.
    When finished, exit everything.
    Do not be alarmed if 'Scrambled Channel' appears. This doesn't mean you did anything wrong. You may have to leave it alone several minutes - sometimes up to 10-15 minutes, to allow the autoroll to retrieve the keys and change them automatically for you.

    Your done...

    Obviously the latest bin 155 won't work right now. We are all waiting for a new release.
    But you can try the old bin and practice once or twice to see how it is done.
  6. martymail

    martymail Guest

    Thanks for the speedy reply. It is very much appreciated.
  7. martymail

    martymail Guest

    Followed steps per instructions but doesn't seem that PC and Coolstat 6000 are communicating. Do I need to install a driver of some sort so that my PC will recognize the attached receiver? Running XP Service Pack 2.
  8. breck68

    breck68 Guest

    If your using the 9-pin, it has to be a straight cable - a null cable won't work.

    If your using 9-pin to USB adaptor, you need to install a driver.
  9. martymail

    martymail Guest

    I'm sorry - I don't understand what a "Null Cable" is. I'm using the one that came with the box and its hooked directly to my PC>
  10. breck68

    breck68 Guest

    If it came with the receiver then it's a straight cable and it's ok.
    Did you try changing the COM's and hitting auto detect for each?
    Generally it defaults to COM1 and that's usually ok.
    Another thing is checking your computers BIOS and make sure your com port is on or working.
  11. martymail

    martymail Guest

    Ready to give up and throw the stupid box out now! Checked BIOS and port is active. Tried every one of the 12 in the Loader but the dialogue box always defaults to COM 3 and there is no way that I can see to change that. Not communicating. At wits end now.
  12. breck68

    breck68 Guest

    Would lead one think a cable issue.
  13. martymail

    martymail Guest

    One last question before I finally commit suicide over this whole mess- my computer has one 9 pin COM port which is gen'd in as COM 1. When I launch Coolsat loader, in the top left hand corner of the dialogue box which tells me to connect the box and turn it on, shows 'COM 3' and I can't see anyway to change it to COM 1. Is there another loader which automatically opens looking for COM 1?
    Sorry for the infinite number of questions!
  14. breck68

    breck68 Guest

    No problem.

    I really don't think your using the proloader 2.4.
    The com option is in the bottom left corner and it is a drop down menu.
    On the top of the loader box, it should say 'F2ATV.com CS Loader v2.4'
  15. martymail

    martymail Guest

    Just one more question and I'll try to be brief! I took my CS 6000 over to a friend's place. He has the same Loader as I do. He downloaded the file with no problem using my cable. The only difference was that his dialouge box automaticaly popped up saying COM 1. On my computer it always says COM 3 even when I use his program. The problem must be in my computer. My BIOS tells me that a COM port is available but I don't know how to change the settings.
    P.S. I e-mailed the same file (my buddies) to my wife's laptop and it still looks for COM 3 on her computer. Very strange!
  16. martymail

    martymail Guest

    Sorry, just an added thought. Do you think it would be worthwhile trying a USB adapter instead if using the COM port?
  17. jhardy031

    jhardy031 Guest

    you can change the com port settings through device manager. also w8 a min or 2 to see if ur computer recognizes it. mine takes a min sometimes.
  18. martymail

    martymail Guest

    Just loaded the latest bin using USB adapter and driver and it works that way. Only problem I'm having now is that if I switch channels I have to power off the receiver and power it on again to get the channel to unscramble. Is this a usual occurance? I still think I have some sort of problem with my box. (CS 6000)
  19. breck68

    breck68 Guest

    There is a autoroll issue with all Coolsat bins. They will have to work this bug out. Channel comes up Scrammbled, but will return by itself in several secs. Programmers are aware of it, but wanted to get everyone watching TV now and continue to work out this bug.
  20. martymail

    martymail Guest

    Thanks. Being a real Newbie, I never really understood what KEYS meant. Now I know! I just entered new keys via 8282. If I had known this earlier I could have saved myself all kinds of headaches and frustration trying to download through my computer and the Bin Loader program.

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