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Problem burning with DVD Decrypter

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by jumbosize, Oct 12, 2004.

  1. jumbosize

    jumbosize Guest

    Just wondering if someone can assist me. I have been successfully burning with DVD Decrypter, but on a few occassions, I have had the following error message pop up : CIRC Unrecovered Error. which I seem unable to overcome.
    I have read previous help tips in this (altering settings in Decrypter to ignore - which I did), but still to no avail !!!

    Can someone please assist me ?

    Many Thanks,
  2. Biosgain

    Biosgain Guest

    Is there any numbers that you haven`t included in the error message?
    Sounds like the disc has scratches or marks on,have you tried cleaning the disc?
    Does the disc play flawlessly in a standalone player?
  3. jumbosize

    jumbosize Guest

    Interpretation :Read (10) - Sector 2271008

    was the message it just came up with when I tried again
    Discs are clean - I'm using Databank

    Thanks for getting back to me.


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