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Discussion in 'DVD recorders' started by xmanatari, Mar 28, 2005.

  1. xmanatari

    xmanatari Guest

    Ok!... So im interested in buying a dvd recorder at a resonable price. 300 bucks or so is fine with me. Ebay is even better. Anyways, I need a solid recorder with good recording quality. I plan on transferring old WWF videos as well as movies to DVD. I want something that can record in a high quality 4 hour mode, or 3 if available. I also need to be able to copy those "copy protected" tapes. I was looking at many cyberhomes, Liteons, and panasonics. Any recommendations? Menu editing would be nice. I would like even more to put it on my pc and edit it. I dont wanna loose any quality when recorder from VHS to dvd in 3/ 4 hour modes. Suggestions? Thanks!
  2. piano632

    piano632 Regular member

    Nov 20, 2002
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    Stay away from Cyberhome's. Very cheaply made.

    I would suggest something by JVC like the DR-M10 or DR-HM30. No recorder is able to give great quality at 3-4 hours, but at least JVC looks halfway decent compared to most others (like Panasonic) which have lots of artifacts at anything over 2 hours. The JVC can record any length of time you set it for from 1-8 hours (in 5 min. increments).

    No recorder is able to copy copy-protected material without an additional "black box".

    Menus on recorders are pretty basic, mostly text-only. You would be better off doing all editing/menues on a PC.
  3. lpk

    lpk Guest

    I bought a Ilo DVDR05 recorder from Wal_Mart about a week ago.
    You can hook it up almost anyway you like to different sources of signal. it will record 8 hours on one dvd and the picture is as good as the tape from my vcr. I have tried everything that I can try with the machine and it as done everything just fine. using Verbatim DVD+rw disk.
    I have also played dvd's recorded on other stand alone recorders and on my computer, also music cd's recorded on my computer.
    I have recorded tv shows with the tuner in the Ilo and so for everthing I have tried has worked. Have not recorded a DVD+r yet.
    I have only had it a week and really putting it through it's paces because I had another recorder that worked about 2 weeks and the everything went bad.
    I am going to try this one as much as I can while I still have the right to return to Wal-Mart within 90 day's
    best of luck to you, because from what I read buying any dvd recorder at this time is a shoot in the dark.

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