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Problem with Audio Card .. Pls. Help !!

Discussion in 'Audio' started by cecil97, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. cecil97

    cecil97 Guest

    Good day , All ... hope everyone is looking good , anyway i need a professional help about my Soundcard.. just recently i bought a new computer ( not really a flashy one ) with onboard soundcard. then a couple of days ago .. i bought a new Creative LIve sound card and installed it. but for some reason it looks like the motherboard doesn't detect it. Do i need to disable the onboard soundcard? so the new soundcard can be detected ? and please how can i do that ?
    thanks in advance people ... any help will be highly appreciated.
    cheers !
  2. onya

    onya Guest

    Assuming that you have installed the driver for the card, and made a restart, check out the device manager, and see if it is enabled. Also check that there are no conflicts on the resources tab.

    The device manager is opened by,

    right click on My computer, select Properties
    select Hardware then select Device manager
    double click on Sound,video and game controllers
    double click on Creative SB live series
    Then look through the tabs for info.
  3. cecil97

    cecil97 Guest

    thanks .. for advise onya , i appreciate !! anyway the computer
    still didn't detect it . i got an idea that i need to disable the onboard soundcard first on the motherboard ... i just dont have any idea on how to do that .. cheers !

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