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Problem with captruing video from a DVC

Discussion in 'Video - Software discussion' started by zoolu, May 28, 2004.

  1. zoolu

    zoolu Member

    Aug 9, 2003
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    Hey, I want to capture an 8 minutes long video from a DVC (Digital Video Camera).
    I tried capturing with Adobe Premiere, but it turned out to be 2 GB.
    I want to know which software to use if I want to capture the video, so it will be in very good quality but in a normal size that fits to a CD. If I can do it with Vdub, I will be happy to know how.
    thanks a million
  2. Minion

    Minion Senior member

    Sep 28, 2003
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    When you are Captureing from a Digital Video Camera the Capture uses a set Bitrate so you only get about 20 minutes per 5gb of File size and there is nothing you can do about that...
    Do you want this to Be burned to a CD so you can watch it on your DVD Player????
    If so then what you have to do is encode the AVI File from your DVC to Mpeg and then Burn it as a VCD or SVCD...After you encode the File to Say SVCD/Mpeg2 format the File will be Much smaller and then you can use Nero to burn it to CD-R as a SVCD or VCD if you want to make a VCD but it has lower quality than SVCD...You can use Something Like "Tmpgenc" to encode it to Mpeg1/VCD or Mpeg2/SVCD....
    If you just want to have the File on a CD so you can keep it there as a Backup or to watch on your PC then You might be able to use Virtual-Dub to encode the AVI file to a DiVx AVI file which is Much smaller, But that all depends on if your AVI file from your DV Cam Corder is a Type1 DV AVI file or a Type2 DV AVI file cuz Virtual-Dub only supports Type 2 DV AVI files compressed useing a Video For Windows DV Codec..
    If the File will load into Virtual-Dub without giveing you an error message then all you have to do to encode it to a DivX AVI file that will be small enought to fit on a CD-R is go to "Video" and set it to "Full proscessing Mode" and then go to "video" to "Compression" and the choose the DivX Codec or the Microsoft Mpeg-4 codec (You must have them installed) and set the Bitrate to about 1000kbs ,And then go to "Audio" and set it to "Full Proscessing Mode" and then under audio go to "Compression" and choose the MP3" codec and set the Bitrate to about 128kbs and to sterio at 48000hz(You must also have a Mp3 codec installed if not just leave the audio at "Direct stream copy" which will make the File bigger but it will still fit on a CD-R).....
    After doing the settings go to "File" to "Save AVI" and give the File a Name and save it and just wait till it has finnished encodeing...The 8 Minute 2gb Clip will end up as a AVI file under 100mb which pretty close to the same quality.....

    If you make a VCD or SVCD the Quality will be about the same but the File will be a Bit bigger and you should be able to watch these on your DVD Player....Cheers

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