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problem with cd-text

Discussion in 'General audio discussion' started by slikrik, Jan 17, 2002.

  1. slikrik

    slikrik Guest

    Is anyone familiar with my troubles? I just purchased a 20x yamaha cdrw. The burner is cd text capable and so is Nero 5.5. I follow exact instructions to burn with text. The disc burns fine, but then when I go to play it back in the computer or other text-capable audio players, no text shows up. Any suggestions? Please help.
  2. slayer213

    slayer213 Member

    Apr 15, 2002
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    I just bought a new TDK VeloCD 32x10x40 cd-rw, and it's awesome. However, I'm experiencing the exact same problem. I have an HP 9300i and it used to worked fantastic when it came to CD-TEXT but now it won't even do it. I'm using Nero - F***, if you found a solution tell me, cause I need this function more than anything else.


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