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Problem with downloaded WMA

Discussion in 'Audio' started by Wahib, May 9, 2007.

  1. Wahib

    Wahib Member

    May 9, 2007
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    Sorry if this has been discussed before but I need some help. I downloaded (from Tesco's actually) some tracks as WMA's recently. They work fine on Windows Media Player but they will not play on my Phillips MP3/WMA player. When I attempt to play them the player says not supported format!

    Any ideas what's going on?
  2. barlaa

    barlaa Guest

    These WMA files may be protected by DRM(Digital Rights Management), so you cannot play them on some mp3 players. You can use some audio converter to conert these WMAs to MP3 which is universal.

    personally, I use SPAM . It is a tool for converting wma to mp3 in the easiest way.
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