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problem with linewire

Discussion in 'Windows - Software discussion' started by lowpro, Feb 25, 2007.

  1. lowpro

    lowpro Guest

    i have linewire safe on my desktop when i click to instal everything is fine until a msg apper and say this
    LineWire has detect tht u do not have the jav2TM Runtime enviroment,standard Edition,V.1.3.1 intal on your syst.linewire needs the JRE instl in oder 2 run successfuly.
    it will download the 5.2MB into temporary directory.then i click OK 2 start download another info box apear saying java RunTime download cancelled linewire will now exit the installation i click OK and it take me 2 finish. why is tht happ and how can i make line wire work. also if there is any software tht can download music 4 free let me know thnks bros
  2. mrcapdown

    mrcapdown Regular member

    Jun 4, 2006
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    just download jave from there site here the link this will work
    Java Download Link

    1. click under download java free Software on the download button

    2. now clck the download button next to the Windows (Offline Installation)

    3. just install java

    4. now in stall limewire

    i hope thios works let me know it it dose
  3. lowpro

    lowpro Guest

    bro it didn't work
    still given the same error
  4. lowpro

    lowpro Guest

    by the way i'm trying load the linewire on the dell latitude

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