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Problem with Nero Premium and Showtime

Discussion in 'Nero discussion' started by rarbar, May 25, 2007.

  1. rarbar

    rarbar Member

    May 25, 2007
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    I am having the problems with Showtime when playing surround
    sound CD/DVD and files on my PC.
    If anyone has any ideas to solve any of the problems described below please let me know. If their are no fixes I recommend to not update to this version.

    Why doesn't the Bluray plugin work to play DTS?

    Why do I get poor quality video?

    What other plugins are known to work with this latest release (Flac? RA?)

    Which ones should I add?

    If Nero's plugins dont work will 2nd part plugins work?

    Why are 5.1 channels not coming out the correct speakers for dolby surround (AC3)?

    I only have files to test Speaker setup for AC3 and DTS. Anybody have any test files for other surround formats like MP4, Flac etc?

    More Information

    I originally Purchased Nero 7 Ultra Edition. Yesterday I updated to Nero 7 Premium I then purchased and added MP3Pro, DVD-Video Multichannel, LAME MP3 Encoder, LLS Plugin, Blu-ray/HDDVD Plugin, DB Plugin, and SecureDisk Plugin. So I think I have installed all the Nero plugins available from them. I have no second party plugins
    installed yet. So far I am very disappointed with this release. It costs so much it should work better.

    Here is a summary of some of the Audio and video tests I have made:

    MP4 (video with 5.1 sound)
    Grainy Pixilated picture with sound coming from only center speaker.
    Video and sound are perfect when played by VLC Media Player

    AVI (video with AC3 5.1 sound) - surround sound test Avi
    Video OK but Center speaker ouputs sound from center channel but also outputs sound from both front right and front left channel.
    Front Left and Front right speakers output sounds correctly from front left and front right repectively but they also play softly sounds from the center channel, left rear channel, and right rear channel. The subwoffer outputs no sound at all from it's channel.
    The Rear Left and rear right speakers output sounds from the center channel. The rear left speaker outputs sound from the front left channel, the rear right speaker outputs sound from the front right channel. The rear left speaker softly outputs sound from the rear right channel. The Rear right speaker softly outputs sound from the rear left channel. The subwoofer does not output sound from any channel. Video and sound are perfect when played by VLC Media Player

    Plays CD and DVD DTS audio with hiss. says I need Blu-Ray Plugin ( which I allready baught and entered key for) Sound is perfect when played by VLC Media Player

    RA (Real Audio) Nero Showtime Crashes

    WMV - OK

    XVID + Dolby Digital (AC3) - video is grainy and pixulated. Not in sync with audio. No way to tell if channel output is going to correct speakers - suspect it isnt correct. Video and sound are perfect when played by VLC Media Player

    MPG - OK

    MP3 - OK

    Flac - Crashes Showtime

  2. damieny2k

    damieny2k Guest

    I have the same problem. I can use any media player and my avi movies look fine. The problem was older version of nero (Ultra 7.0) would have audio and video out of sync, but not grainy and pixelated. Right now I am using Nero Demo and this is where I ran into the grainy video problem. This is an issue with Nero, but haven't figured it out. I emailed them and gave them this info. They want the file, but it has to be 2mb or less. Can't help them there.

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