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Problems burning CDRs past 4% Lead-in - HELP!?

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by ProphetPX, Apr 12, 2005.

  1. ProphetPX

    ProphetPX Member

    Apr 12, 2005
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    I wanted to start this on a new thread also, just in case nobody bothers to look at my older reply from before...


    I bought some Fujifilm CD-R's lately, and I have not had ANY problems with them. And if you ever use Alcohol 120% as your burner program, you will notice that in the section where it mentions what media you are using to burn on, that Fujifilm green-ish 48x CDR's are, in fact, MADE BY TAIYO YUDEN. And Samsung's O.D.D. website ( http://www.SamsungODD.com/ ) says that it only recommends Verbatim OR Taiyo Yuden made media, for burning most things on.

    See, I used to have the same negative opinions about ANYTHING made by Fuji for a long time, until I took another chance with them and bought some cheap packs of CDR's ($8 bux per 30-pack of CDR's - a bargain in the store I got them from!!) and so i took another chance on them and they ALL BURNED FINE without a hitch! I have had some problems with my drive on other media, (very much like what this man is talking about with the buffer-underrun and "getting the drive to burn past the Lead-in" problem (thats my biggest problem right now too). but i think its only because of my drive hardware going bad, and my need to re-install Windows from scratch again (too much software install/uninstall/crashing/problems type wear and tear on my OS, over the last year)

    So if anyone knows WHY a Samsung SM-348B/RASF 48x CDR burner/Combo-DVD-reader would have problems burning a 48X-rated CDR past the 4% of lead-in, and why it would hang right there [forever, even if Nero is cancelled, Nero will still have to wait like 30 minutes!!! before the drive calms down and stops)... if anyone knows WHY it hangs, before ever laying out the actual data track at all (it never even gets that far when this problem arises), then I would be most GRATEFUL if anyone could explain how I could get my burner to get past the Lead-in stage ... It only seems to want to do it if i burn a CD at 24X (which is 1/2 my max speed) and even last night, several attempts at 24x would still hang the burner right at the 4% of Lead-in and it would never start burning the initial track/session :-(

    Any ideas how I can solve this problem? YES my burner is ALONE on the IDE bus, and operating at UDMA-2. I also have Adaptec's ASPI 4.72 installed, even tho Nero (6608 is what I have) uses its own WinASPI - What else can I check?


    thanks in advance!

  2. bbmayo

    bbmayo Active member

    Oct 31, 2004
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    This is a DVD R Forum. You might find it better to post this in the CD R forum.

    It looks like you have tried everything to make the drive burn at the proper speed. Has it always had this problem? Is this a laptop computer? Also do you have InCD or other packet writing software on your system by any chance?

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