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Problems converting avi to dvd

Discussion in 'Nero discussion' started by biggav22, May 6, 2007.

  1. biggav22

    biggav22 Guest

    When i convert some AVI files to dvd, when i watch the disc or the original avi file on the nero player the sound is miles out of sync with picture. has any one come across this problem and have any fixes. i no it is a nero problem because when watch the original avi with windows media player it is fine.
  2. attar

    attar Senior member

    Jun 17, 2005
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    Try this, see if it makes a differeence.

    Import the file(s) (AVI, MPEG, VOB)
    Output (standard DVD file format) to a folder on the HDD.
    Set 'Aspect' to 4:3 (if you have a regular tv)
    Set 'Standard' to NTSC (if you live in North America)
    Use Nero burning ROM to burn the files to DVD.
    Alternatively, burn with freeware, DVD Shrink + DVD Decrypter.
  3. biggav22

    biggav22 Guest

    cheers i will give it a try.
    seems quite complicated though.
    im new to this

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