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Problems I am having. Please Help!

Discussion in 'Video to DVD' started by huerta, Jan 18, 2007.

  1. huerta

    huerta Guest

    Well I have some questions that I need help on? I have been trying to convert some Dual Audio anime ogm's to dvd for the last month. This is what I have done.

    Demuxed all streams with OGMDemuxer, converted AVI to m2v, ogg's to ac3 and then the ssa sub to sst. Then I used muxman to author and when I was done I had this. http://i80.photobucket.com/albums/j190/b3rwyn/untitled-2.jpg

    I checked to see if everything was fine so I double-clicked the biggest file and powerdvd opened up and played the file. The Video was great but both of the audio streams were off by a little, and the sub stream didn't even show up.

    I was wondering how do I find out how much to delay the audio and how do I get the subs to show up, unless the subs only show up when I actually burn it to the dvd.

    I remember when I was first trying to do this that I did something in VirtualDubMod and when I demuxed or did something to the audio that it created a .txt file and it showed all the info of all the streams, even how much I am supposed to delay it in milliseconds(ms). Does anyone know how I can get that back because I forgot.

    Also does anyone know what I am supposed to do with the 2 IFO's and there backups. I am sorry if I sound like a noob but I just brought a dvd drive 2 weaks ago and this will be my first time burning something to a dvd. And I am going to be using Nero if that helps.

    Thx for anybody who helps.
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  2. magus7091

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    Sep 20, 2006
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    Never used muxman before but I have experience dealing with dual audio. What i've done in the past is extract all the files, encode the audio to wav, re-encode to mpeg2 then encode the video to dvd compliant mpeg2. From there all you should have to do is add the files to your author and burn. Extra work but well worth avoiding the hassle. Happy authoring.

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