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problems w/ psi-ops back up

Discussion in 'Xbox - Backup discussion' started by TwiztedX, Aug 30, 2004.

  1. TwiztedX

    TwiztedX Guest

    ok here's how it goes, i got the game, backed it up to my hard drive, game plays fine!! BUT when i try and put it on a dvd none of the movie sequences work...none. i made this one the same way i make all of the backups i have. ftp usin flashfxp, then qwix and nero 6 never encountered a problem like this i was wondering if anyone heard about somethin like this or knows if there is a way to fix it. cause i don't want to leave it on the hdd.
  2. Achilles3

    Achilles3 Guest

    Some Xbox drive sucks at reading burnt dvd-r, I have the Thomson model so I know. You probably have that version too. The only way to fix it is to replace the factory HDD with bigger HDD and play games off it.
  3. TwiztedX

    TwiztedX Guest

    actually i have a samsung, i repair xbox's and modify the hell outta them (led's, case modifications, and dvd modifications) basically i can turn a thompson into samsung. so its not the dvd drive considering i have many backups and never had this problem.
  4. clarky

    clarky Regular member

    Feb 2, 2004
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    You might want to back it up directly from the disk, rather than from the hdd. I have found that this method normally removes most problems which people have with backing uo their games. One recent example being JB-EON.

    Its worth a try.
  5. TwiztedX

    TwiztedX Guest

    well my being slightly crazy (since im not rich i can't say excentric) has done it yet again, i backed it up again and used craxtion this time instead of qwix. and burned at 2x instead of 4x and everything went gravy its workin great!

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