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problems w/ "The Wire" & Carnivale

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by jemkeith, Jan 7, 2005.

  1. jemkeith

    jemkeith Guest

    I'm having problems with backing up "The Wire" and Carnivale. I'm using DVD Shrink, Nero, xpsp2 home, memorexx -R 4x, liteon 612 DVD +- R. The dvd's rip and burn okay. The problem is playing them in my standalone. They will pause and skip in the later episodes. The first episode will play great, the later ones have the problem. 3 of the dvd's work perfectly, BUT they were 8X instead of 4X. Could that be the problem? What else could be the problem.
  2. sakmd

    sakmd Member

    Jun 11, 2013
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    i'm kind of new to all of this as well....but from what i have read in other threads about freezing/skips...suggestions have been given:

    1)in shrink, set disk space to 4300

    2)burn at a slower rate....if you burned at 4x and had problems, then try to burn at a slower speed like 2.4x

    3)i've also read that many times the media being used could be the culprit. i've learned a lot from these forums in terms of media. i had always assumed that they were all more or less the same, but have learned that this is certainly not the case. i'm not sure where memorex fits in to all of this, but perhaps you could browe/serach the dvd-r media forum and see what you can find. also the follwoing site (which i found through this site) has very good info on the different different manufacturers...was very helful for me:

  3. saugmon

    saugmon Senior member

    Oct 9, 2004
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    Hey jemkeith, memorex are not highly recommeded.They have a lot of quality variations between different packaged lots.Unless you know which ones are the good ones "prodisc" then the chances are you may have the c-mags.Different manufacturers for different quantity packs.

    Most brand name media is like that,however memorex uses mostly poor quality manufacturers.There are a lot of threads in the dvdr media forum about the -4x memorex.

    You have a dual format lite-on burner,therefore you have more options of finding the certain brand of media for your backups to play in the stand alone players.

    I have been using verbatim and maxell's. Both brands are like memorex,different manufacturers,but maxell tends to use the higher quality manufactures.I have heard verbatim sometimes uses c-magnetics for some of their discs. C-mags are on the poor side for quality.

    Here is a handy free tool to download: http://afterdawn.com/software/video_software/dvd-r_tools/dvdidentifier.cfm

    This tool will help tell you which manufacturer made those discs.You can then look them up on the site the sakmd stated in last post: Digitalfaq, It hasn't been updated for a while but can get you close.

    You may have to keep that burn speed as low as you can get so your stand alones will be able to read them. Your pc should be able to play your own backups but with the lower quality media,the stand alone players have a harder time reading them.Slower burn speed and keep your target at 4300 mbs should help you out.
  4. jemkeith

    jemkeith Guest

    Thanks, I'll try different media.

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