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Problems with audio

Discussion in 'MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 encoding (AVI to DVD)' started by nole99, Mar 26, 2002.

  1. nole99

    nole99 Guest

    Ok here is my situation..... I have converted my avi to mpeg using tmpgenc. The original frame rate was 14.95 frames/sec which is really starnge. When I encode it and play it back I get an audio lag time of about 5 secs in the first 10 minutes. Is this because the frame rate for the original is at 14.95 and when I encode it ncst at 29.97 I lose 15 frames worth of audio every sec? If so how do I fix this? My VCDs play fine on my dvd players I just can't get this audio to match up, but it plays fine through media player with no audio lag. Please help!
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  2. cd-rw.org

    cd-rw.org Active member

    Jan 22, 2002
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    I moved this from the CD-R forum, to the VCD forum which matches the topic quite a bit better.
  3. Un$igned

    Un$igned Member

    Apr 8, 2002
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    Hey nole99,

    I don't know if you already got the answer but I had the exact same problem. I used TMPGEnc to encode it and then I burned it to VCD using NERo and the audio and the picture was so off by the time the movie was done.

    This is what I did........I hope this will work for you too......I right clicked the .avi file and checked out the properties such as frames per second, MPEG1, etc........check out the "FRAMES PER SEC" detail under those properties list......it should say how fast it really is.

    For example, my problem was with "Resident Evil" and I checked out the property settings and it said that it ran at 25 FRAMES PER SEC.....so what I did was I encoded it with TMPGEnc using the "NTSC FILM" category under the startup wizard which is defaulted to about 23.9 FRAMES PER SEC......once I burned it.....it was totally fine.......it took me 3 CD's to figure that out.

    Let me know if it works....
  4. funkam

    funkam Guest

    Hi,what do i do as out of sync done a syou suggested but says 12.500frames per second?Please help

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