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Problems with Freelancer.iso

Discussion in 'CD-R' started by mohame, Apr 21, 2003.

  1. mohame

    mohame Guest

    i got freelancer from a sharing program i extract it with isobuster to a folder then i installed it. After that i go to crack so i can play the game then a error occurs "cannot find common.dll" then i searched the common file nd found it on one of the folder's game i copy then past it to the crack directory then when i open the game error occurs "cannot find DAcom.dll" i did the same operation and found the file after like 4-5 tries they kept asking me for .dll files, then when i found them all and put them on the crack folder i open the game then nothing happens not even an error that is just bs it kept doing error then when i find all files it doesint do anything.
    If anyone having same problme or can help me. it would be appreciated. thanx in andavance
  2. mohame

    mohame Guest

    Lol no1 has any solution? help me if u know what to do!

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