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Problems with PS2 DVD backup's

Discussion in 'Video - Software discussion' started by endosmoke, Sep 22, 2002.

  1. endosmoke

    endosmoke Guest

    I have copied PS2 DVD's using Primo DVD.
    Now for some reason I can copy them but they don't play in my PS2. The DVD's I backed up before BOOT just fine..
    I have always used the apple DVD-R's.
    Is there somthign I am doing wrong ?
    Is there better software out there?

    I have a Messiah Modchip.
    I have the Pioneer-A03.

    Any Help would be great
    Thanks In advance...
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  2. Dela

    Dela Administrator Staff Member

    Aug 25, 2002
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    What dvd did you rip cause some film associations are attempting to make their dvds impossible to copy. Especially Disney.

    If you mean a p2s game, then what game was it because, EA Games have protection now that people are having trouble getting around.
  3. deadlee

    deadlee Member

    Sep 27, 2002
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    Can you tell me how to burn a normal ps2 game? Also how did you burn the ps2 dvd game? I have a friend and I can only back up my games by burning his burned games. I have not been able to back up and burn a orginal game. I have the new mod chip where I can play all burned games also burned dvd's with no software just put the game in and play, but I can back up my own games. can some one help please
  4. Dela

    Dela Administrator Staff Member

    Aug 25, 2002
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    I never really tried to copy many ps2 games but this is a guide I bought a while ago. I dunno if it works. Remeber too that I got software aswell so you might need it.

    PS2 Burning For Dummies
    The Step-By-Step Guide

    Use this tutorial if you don’t have a modchip and use a swap method to boot backups.
    If you do have a modchip from http://www.playstationmods.com/ or http://www.modchip.com/ go to the bottom of the page for simple instructions.

    Part 1: Extract ISO image to hard-drive
    1) Open CDRWin
    2) Click the Extract Disc/Tracks/Sectors (Middle button on the top row)
    A new window will now appear. Here are the settings, shown in the picture here.
    3) Extract Mode: Disc Image/Cuesheet
    4) CD Reader: Select your reader
    5) Image Filename: Select a directory and filename
    Reading Options
    6) RAW, CD+G, CD-TEXT, MCN / ISRC all unchecked
    7) Error Recovery: Ignore
    8) Jitter Control: Disable
    9) Subcode Analysis: Auto
    10) Data Speed: Select your speed
    11) Audio Speed: Select your speed
    12) Read retry count: Anything from 2-10
    13) Subcode Threshold: 300
    Click Save Settings if you wish
    14) Click Start!
    CDRWin will now save the image to your hard-drive.

    Part 2: Patching Image
    Open AddZer0 FrontEnd, picture shown here.
    1) Firstly browse for your input file. You just made it with CDRWin.
    2) Do the same for the output file.
    3) Select the type of patch to apply to your image.
    Auto Mode converts the current Input Image to a 2048 ISO. The image is then patched, placing system.cnf at LBA 12231. This requires no other help from you.
    Normal Mode functions just as the original version of AddZer0 did. If you select this mode, type the LBA of the closest file to LBA 12231 into the text box. (You need ISO Buster) This will move this file to 12232 and place the system.cnf at 12231.
    Patcher Mode functions just like the 2SP Patcher did. It blindly takes the system.cnf file and places it at 12231. This will possibly corrupt data of the image which cause problems while playing the game. Therefore this mode is not recommended.

    4) When you are happy with the settings, click Convert.
    5) Wait for the process to finish (might take a while)

    Part 3: Burning image
    1) Open CDRWin again.
    2) Click the File Backup and Tools button, shown in the picture here.
    3) Change Backup/Tool Operation to Record an ISO9660 image file.
    4) Where it says Image Filename: Browse for the image you have just patched.
    5) CD Recorder: Select your CD-Writer
    6) Disc Type: CDROM-XA
    7) Track Mode: MODE 2
    8) Select your write speed.
    9) Click Start.
    10) Wait for CDRWin to write the image to a CD-R.
    You should have successfully made a backup of your PS2 game.

    I Have a Modchip! I don’t want to do that..?

    Now, if you do have a modchip…

    I suggest you use CloneCD or CDRWin to do a straight CD copy. This gives you an un-patched backup.

    CloneCD Homepage

    CDRWin Homepage

    Here are the settings…


    Open CloneCD.

    Click the Copy CD Picture (3rd Picture along)

    Read Tab

    Select your CD Reader.

    Select your read speed. I suggest you keep it low. Sorry if you have little patience.

    Read SubChannel Data from Data Tracks: Checked

    Read SubChannel Data from Audio Tracks: Checked

    The other boxes can be left unchecked.

    Image File Tab

    Browse for the directory that you want the image file to be extracted to.

    Check the Delete After Successful Write box if you want.

    Write Tab

    Select your CD Writer.

    Select your write speed. I strongly suggest you burn at a maximum of 4x.

    Everything should be all right as it is.

    Ignore the Global tab. It is not important.

    Now click the Start Disc Copy button at the bottom.

    CloneCD will then read the disc and when finished write to a blank disc.



    Open CDRWin.

    Click the Backup Disc button (Second along)
    Backup Mode: Copy To Image And Record
    Image disk: Select your hard drive (Default)
    CD Reader & CD Recorder: Set CD reader & CD recorder to the same (Always read with burner)
    Reading Options
    Read: Raw Sectors
    Error Recovery: Ignore
    Jitter Control: Disable
    Subcode Analysis: Auto
    Data Speed: Select Your Speed (Keep it low)
    Audio Speed: Select Your Speed (Keep it low)
    Read Retry Count: Select How Many Times You Want CDRWin To Retry Reading Damaged Data Before It Fails
    Recording Options
    Uncheck All Boxes On The Top Line
    Number Of Discs To Backup: Select Number Of Discs
    Number Of Copies: Select Number Of Copies You Want
    Speed: Select Your Burning Speed (Keep it low)
    Disc Transporter Mode: Disable
    If you want, select Save Settings at the side
    Hit Start.


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