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problems with winfast tv 2000 expert card - please help!

Discussion in 'Video capturing from analog sources' started by dfcc, May 23, 2004.

  1. dfcc

    dfcc Member

    May 23, 2004
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    hello everyone, i just need some help here, i have a leadtek winfast tv 2000 expert card, i have the latest drivers and the latest pvr software, i have the audio cable plugged in between my winfast card and my cd audio slot on the motherboard to get audio. i have a few problems..

    problem 1:
    i can't have any other pci cards in my machine as it causes problems with irq settings and the remote control then does not work. i managed to look in the bios and i have a list of irq ports 1-15, i notice these ports

    IRQ5 (LPT2) - enabled


    IRQ10 (reserved) - disabled

    the only options i have are to enable or disable these irq ports (these are the two ports im considering using to assign my winfast card to), if anyone can help me, i need to assign my winfast card to one of these ports but im not sure how to do it?also i would like to be able to make my pc wake itself from hibernation to record programs and then rehibernate once recording has finished does anyone know how to set this up, i already know how to enable hibernate mode in windows but thats as much as i know, any help please?

    problem 2:
    the card works fine just now as i have no other pci cards in there, but the other problem is when i record, whenever i record in:

    Videocodec:DivX5.1.1pro - encoding at 682 Kbits/s (worked out bitrate using Adv.DivX Bitrate Calc! to fit 30 minutes of video into 150MB space)
    audioCodec:MP3 - 22.050kHz, Stereo 56kb/s

    i have the problem that after 30 mins of recording the audio and video synchronisation gets progressivly worse as the video goes on, and near the end of the video im sure the audio is nearly or over 1 minute out of synch! any ideas why this and how to fix it?

    problem 3:
    whenever i record using the MPEG-2 Optimal Quality profile after about 15 seconds the video jerks every couple of seconds till its done recording. The jerkyness also shows in the finished playback of the video.The other mpeg-2 profiles seem to work fine but the quality is not so great, any help as to what the problem is with the optimal mpeg-2 profile while recording and how to solve it?

    if anyone could help with all these i would be so grateful?? also does anyone know if i should be using other programs other than the ones provided by leadtek for my winfast tv 2000 expert card to watch live tv, capture video or live tv, encode from avi to dvd files or vice versa? if you know the best tools for these jobs using my winfast tv 200 expert card please tell me?thank you so much to anyone who helps !!

    my pc spec is:
    chatintech apogee 7VJL deluxe motherboard
    pheonix awardBIOS v6.00pg
    amd athlon xp 2000+ (1.66ghz)
    512MB ram (pc2100)
    160GB maxtor diamond 9 7200 8MB cache
    leadtek winfast tv 2000 expert pci card
    windows xp pro
    all software is up to date and all drivers are up to date.

    also if you feel that your reply might be a bit long or you find it easier to email me than reply on here, please feel free, my email address is dfcc_@hotmail.com, please put 'LEADTEK WINFAST' in the subject box, thank you all so much to all who help!!
  2. Minion

    Minion Senior member

    Sep 28, 2003
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    OK..I do not have a Solution to all of your Problems but I do to some of your Problems....

    Well your problem with the Audio and Video sync when captureing to DivX is Probably due to Either Dropped Frames or the Capture software you are useing does not Properly compensate for the Time Lag between your Capture card and your Sound Card...
    If the Problem is Dropped Frames then iit is probably because your CPU is to slow to capture to DivX, if the Problem is the Time lag between your Capture card and your Sound Card then you should use different Capture software or if there is a setting to set the Master stream in your Capture software then you should set the master stream as the "Video" stream...

    The Jumpy playback at the Highest Quality settings when captureing to Mpeg2 is caused because your CPU is too slow to capture to Mpeg2 at the Highest Quality and Resolution and your CPU only being an XP 2000+ it is a Little too slow to capture Full resolution Mpeg2 at the highest Quality....

    I"m sure if you used the Right software and had a Little Faster CPU like an Athlon XP 2400+ to 2800+ most of your Problems would be solved....

    As to your Problems with setting an IRQ to your Capture card I allways just let the Bios set the IRQ"s and I never had a Problem so I can"t really help you much there but maybe try putting your TV Card in the Top PCI Slot and leave the One Below it Empty then maybe that will help.....good luck

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